I could say that in all aspects of my life really. My love life, which is non-resistant…I mean existent.  I could say that about my children. The best surprises I’ve ever made. BUt right now I’m talking about nail polish. No, this has NOTHING to do with Nail polish. NOTHING.

Working on customs, the customer is always right. They know what they want. I know what I like and it’s usually different than the polish I’m working on.  Maybe the polish has too much of the white glitter in it, but for what ever reason, we both didn’t like it. I put it to the side and started mixing again. It dawned on me. It’s not the polish I don’t like. It’s me. Right now I was in a mood that would make anyone get up and scream. I was given news that no one wants to hear. News that yes, I knew this deep down, but I don’t want you to tell me. I don’t want to know it’s real. I can’t. I can’t do this right now. Please don’t say it. Don’t tell me. My son, there’s something wrong with him. I’ve always known he was different. But please don’t say it out loud. If you don’t say it out loud then I don’t have to deal with it. He’s on the spectrum. He’s not autistic. It’s not aspergers. But, the medical term is “on the spectrum” between here and there, somewhere. He’s somewhere. He’s my son. He has always had these ticks, and these obsessions with clothing that has to be just right. The feeling. It must be soft, softer than silk. He has always had me bring 3 sets of extra clothing because if a drop of something, even water, got on it, we would have to be dealing with his break down. Total breakdown. It’s me now having the breakdown. Total and complete breakdown.



Here’s a beautiful hot pink with a slight color hue of blue. It has some little glitter, barely visible unless you move your fingers. It’s a beautiful compliment for all hands.

On a journey with my daughter to create the most beautifl color nail polish. While were on this journey, we will make mistakes, we will find out the color is not the most beautiful. We might find ones that will be good enough for the time being, and you may love it too. But we will never stop trying to find that one color, that one we can’t get a hold of. The fleeting sunset you see at dusk, that very perfection that only Mother nature herself can create. We will bottle it, one day. Until then, enjoy all of the triumphs of color we will be inventing.